Outcast - Single 18"

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Enclosure Type Bandpass
Speaker Size 18" Woofer
Driver Count 1
Usable Range (in hz) 20-85
Dimensions (LxWxH) 32 x 20 x 21
Weight (lbs) 110
RMS Power Handling 1000 Watts
Available in

Single 4 ohm

(Includes Single 18" driver and enclosure w/ 1.8" Stroke)

If you want LOUD and DEEP bass for the guy down the street, we've got something really special for you!

Roughly 40% louder than the 15" Outlaw on 800 watts RMS, the Toby Outcast 4th order is the first production bandpass 18" Toby Speakers has ever produced.

This is a truly vicious sub that with it's amazing LOW bass notes is not for the faint of heart.

The Outcast is made to order with down payment.