Shane Jeffrey / President/ Co-Owner

As a child Shane's family moved around constantly and being the son of a traveling musician, he grew up foremost with the love of music and instrumentation. His father played with many outfits over the years but was most known as the guitar player on the "Changes in Latitudes...." Jimmy Buffett album of 1977 (Margaritaville). It was this exposure to back rooms and smoky bars that set him on his own path of multi-track recording and music production. By the age of 19, Shane had already written, recorded and produced an entire album, playing all the instruments himself cementing his passion not only for music but for engineering and sound.

Shane began working shortly after his 15th birthday and even at a young age was driven by a work ethic inspired by his father and his mutual competition with best friend True Taylor. The two were inseparable in their formative childhood years and before entering freshman year of high school, they had already begun working weekends at the Dallas Morning News rolling papers for .07 cents each. It wasn't long before they had honed their skill and had gotten to where they could roll a couple thousand papers each a night. That was a lot of money for a couple kids back in circa 2000.

After moving away from the Ft. Worth area, throughout his high school years, Shane had taken several jobs; first as a helper building and prepping horse trailers and gradually evolving to a server waiting tables where he learned about the crucial roles that multi-tasking and customer service can play in a career.

A few years passed and after graduating from Arkansas High School in 04', he had no clear direction on what his goals were nor even how to pursue them believing that college was not a feasible option. He knew he loved music but that wasn't something you could pay the bills with. Taking a leap of faith at the age of 20, he packed up what he had, which wasn't much, in an old 1983 280zx and left home with his sights set on Dallas. It was there he got his foot in the door from a friend of the family at a well known Advertising agency (TPN). He could start as a handy man making $10 an hour for a temp position. After a few months Shane found himself with the opportunity to move into a permanent comp artist position and from there would use the next few years expanding his abilities on the production services end of things working with brands like Gatorade, Bank of America, 7-eleven, Hershey and Philip Morris to name a few.

The recession of the early 2000's would soon put Shane on a path of uncertainty and growth. After being laid off from TPN in 2010, Shane pursued his next field at Maverick Concepts, a large printing, kitting and manufacturing company, as a pre-press operator. He was soon promoted to a Production Supervisor role, but after being a part of the signage roll out for the Superbowl in 2011, Shane found himself again without a job having been laid off once more for cutbacks.

Moving forward he took a position as an Operations Manager at, a company focused on PoP/PoS printing and advertising. The company was in it's infancy at that time and Shane found himself working upwards of 60-80 hours a week leading multiple departments while the company grew some >250%. With little compensation, and no time to pursue much of anything especially with his newly wed love Jessica (whom he just so happened to of met the very night he moved into an apartment to start the position at TPN); It was time to think about starting a family and this was not a conducive path for that.

After resigning from a long year and while still contemplating the future Shane and Jessica would find they were expecting their first born child, Jude, not shortly thereafter. It was back to the job search. This time Shane set his eyes on a company named City Color (Culminate). It was here that the focus on carpentry, massive organization and huge rollouts for the likes of Nike, Corner Bakery and Container Store stores across the country would prove even more beneficial to his evolution. After some years in that capacity it was time to turn the page and in so came an opportunity at Stak Design as a Graphics Department Manager.

Stak was focused on the RMU arena initially but more so had made a name for themselves as a trade show manufacturer. The exposure to the intense and fast paced world of exhibits was truly eye opening and inspiring. After a few years stint, Shane became bored finding that he could put so many aspects of what he had learned throughout his career to task that there was a realization that it should no longer be for the growth of someone else's company but his own.

It was time to go back to the drawing board. In fortuitous conversations with True, whom had excelled working his way up to become the owner of Toby Speakers; it was apparent that the pair would do well to take from and put to test their combined experiences and exposures of the last 20 years and pursue an idea. The duo would find themselves working together once more but this time in the field of Audio Engineering bringing unparalleled customer support and state of the art sound at a fraction of the cost to the masses.