Low Camfire - Single 10"

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Enclosure Type Bandpass
Speaker Size 10"
Driver Count 1
Usable Range (in hz) 20-85
Dimensions (LxWxH) 32 x 9 x 13.25
Weight (lbs) 43
RMS Power Handling 300 Watts
Available in

Single 4 ohm

A very thin version of our upgraded LOW SHERIFF enclosure. Produces identical response and loudness, but in a different footprint that allows it to fit in different applications better. New driver technology has allowed us to produce a very specially optimized setup for VERY DEEP bass notes. Anybody that listens to a lot of Hip-hop or Dub-step music, this is your enclosure of choice! This box plays approximately 2.5X louder than the standard Sheriff/Camfire at 35hz.

NOTE - Camfire Porting design has recently changed for production purposes - It is now a SLOT instead of the original Hexagon shape. Performance remains Identical :)