C3 Reference Series

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Speaker Type Floor Standing 
Range Covered 


Woofers Dual Ceramic 6.5"
Tweeter (1) Ceramic 1" Sb Acoustics Dome
Dimensions (DxWxH) 13.75" x 34.5" x 7.5"
Weight (lbs) 35

No Grille - Ideal for best listening experience

Meet the all new Toby "C3 Reference Series". Comprised of ceramic 6.5" Woofers and tweeters, this system is our introductory line to Hi-Fi listening. We utilize a 2.5 way crossover network and a 2.2 degree tapered face design aiding in time alignment (and dispersion) of the tweeter. This effectively puts the tweeters at ear level, giving the impression of a much higher and larger sound staging than something of this size has any right to produce. 

This is a very accurate, well nuanced set of speakers with a useful output to around 28hz, (depending on room) which often won't require a separate sub-woofer while offering impressive bass output. Because of their smooth roll-off, you can easily integrate a separate powered sub in larger rooms, or simply if more bass is desired. 

This model utilizes the same series of woofer that we are using in our top of the line Zero Phase system, integrated with a very similarly constructed tweeter supplied by the same manufacturer - All of the components use an Aluminum Cone/Diaphram material that has been put through a ceramic anodizing process. This substantially stiffens the material surfaces, while also damping the harshness typically cause by over-stiffening a surface - Put simply, proper Ceramic treatment removes driver coloration from the equation, allowing you to hear MORE of your music, and LESS of your speaker. 

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