BC2 Package

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Speaker Type Satellite
Range Covered 


Woofers Dual Ceramic 6.5"
Tweeter (1) Satori Beryllium
Dimensions (DxWxH) 10" x 7.75" x 19.25"
Weight (lbs) 22

No Grille - Ideal for best listening experience

BC2's Pictured are Left/Center/Right Configuration - The L/R are sitting on top of their matching Zero Phase Subwoofers



The BC2 Reference utilizes (2) ceramic 6.5" woofers in sealed configuration, paired with one of our Favorite Tweeter's ever produced! 

The Transducers

Ceramic Aluminum Cone/Diaphragm material has been put through a ceramic anodizing process substantially stiffening the material surface, while also damping the harshness typically cause by over-stiffening a surface - Simply, proper Ceramic treatment removes driver coloration from the equation, allowing you to hear MORE of your music, and LESS of your speaker. 

The Beryllium Tweeter 

This Beryllium dome unit from Satori is one of the most significant improvements to our listening enjoyment in years - They simply disappear! Beryllium, while being exceedingly stiff, also functions as a self damping material, which eliminates otherwise problematic artifacts (resonance) from your listening experience. Even at reference levels, they stay composed and never become harsh. This allows you to enjoy listening without fatigue, while conveying incredible detail. 

This satellite design was originally developed as a more compact option for our Flagship ZERO PHASE systems, but works very well in any position of a home theater system, as well as Stereo applications. 

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