TrueSound - Sea Slug - Desktop Nearfield Listening Perfection

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We're shifting gears! The last couple of years have ushered in a new era for HIFI speaker system design. Toss out everything you think you know, as the new True Sound Series systems redefine the rules. This system is all-in-one, just add a source and you're good to go.
Here's the short of it: Per Speaker
Exotic Beryllium Tweeter - Satori
4" Long-stroke Midrange - Purifi Audio
Optional Stereo Subwoofer Outputs - Single 10" Long Stroke Sealed Subwoofer Included

Built in 3 channel Hypex Fusion Amplifier - Rated at .0017%thd 
100 Watts for Tweeter
125 Watts for Purifi 4" Midrange
125 Watts per channel for External 10” Subwoofer -(Single or Stereo subs can be Configured)

It's hard to really consolidate the improvements this system employs when compared to others in the price range, but as a start, the Purifi 4" Midrange is between 30-80 TIMES lower distortion than typical 4" driver (frequency dependent). The trick here is that Purifi-Audio took speaker driver design back to the drawing board, and re-designed their entire magnet structure, coil assembly, cone, and surround as a cohesive system. This ensures that every step of the way was optimized for the lowest possible levels of THD as well as (the now seemingly more important metric) Intermodulation Distortion. 

Each driver selection, as well as the incredibly low distortion amplifier and inert enclosure implementation, coalesce into a truly unique listening experience that people typically spend many years trying to achieve. This system is on a completely different level from previous offerings for nearfield listening - Think Headphones, but with even higher levels of detail, lower distortion, and absolutely mind bending 3 dimensional imaging. 

Pricing includes standard black epoxy paint finish -

Piano Black - Add $1000 

Custom Veneer (High Gloss) $1400

This design is still currently in pre-release, but they will be available in the coming months in beautiful custom Veneer choices as well as a Piano Black finish. Please contact us if you are interested in a demo - More to come :)


P.S - We finished this demo pair ourselves in house in a Medium Sheen Blue/Green. If you decide you'd like to finish your pair in a Caramel high gloss, you can simply order the "Salted Sea Slugs".  :P