Impact 10 - Powered Home Subwoofer

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Speaker Type Powered Subwoofer
Range Covered (-3db) 27-100
Woofers Single 10"
RMS Power 300 Watts
Dimensions (DxWxH) 21.5 Tall X14.5X16 (Down-firing)
Weight (lbs) 38

Single 10" Ported woofer - Design Optimized for Home Theater


We have always built home subwoofers keeping sound quality as a primary goal, normally in a sealed enclosure to ensure the highest level of accuracy, and quickest response. Our long standing standard has been the Cube 14, with Dual 10" in a force cancelling configuration. We also have 2 other standard designs (Single 10" with 300 Watts - or Single 8" with 75 Watts) which follow the same ideology - Sealed enclosures make for the most accurate and enjoyable musical experience. While all of our standard models are very useful in Home theater applications, there is sometimes a perceived lack of power on very low frequencies, specifically during explosions.

Enter - the "Toby Impact" line of home theater subwoofers. 

Utilizing either a Single 10" or 12" woofer, (Carefully ported around 30hz optimizing for port air velocity and overall tone) with a substantial built in amplifier boost around the same frequency, we achieve roughly 4X more energy (at 30hz) in the room than any of our previous standard designs. The new lineup utilizes a built in 300 watt digital amplifier with a high accuracy - fast response limiting circuit to keep everything under control, even in situations where you might normally be at risk of over-driving the system. This provides a very clean, very enjoyable rumble for any movie buff, as well as an incredibly useful subwoofer for musical applications as well.