Cube 10 - Powered Home Subwoofer

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Speaker Type Powered Subwoofer
Range Covered (-3db) 27-100 (3db down)
Woofer Single Long Stroke 10"
RMS Power 300 Watts
Dimensions (DxWxH) 12X12X12 (No Grille available)
Weight (lbs) 35

Single 10" with 1.825" Total Stroke - ULTRA low distortion!


The Toby Cube 10 uses one extended throw ten inch proprietary driver with a large roll rubber surround and Aluminum cone. This design incorporates 3 Copper shorting ring paths to lower THD to previously impossible levels. By utilizing such a low distortion, long stroke 10" woofer, we are able to produce a very similar sound to our Cube 14 in an even smaller space. (Total output is comparable to 80% of the maximum of a Cube 14) 

This sealed design will often be preferable for use in systems focused on Stereo listening to our new Impact line of subwoofers (ported 10" or 12", designed for a Theater focus) as it offers a much tighter reply, and much lower distortion. This design preference extends to use in the Studio environment, as the unit offers very even overall frequency coverage. 

Hookup Note: Use the Top RIGHT RCA INPUT

If you'd like an even better, more effortless sound (or just like HUGE BASS) you can run stereo Cube 10 subs (one on either side of the room). Discounts available when buying a home theater package.