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RANGE COVERED 65hz-20khz
WOOFERS (6) 4"
TWEETER (3) 1" Dome
DIMENSIONS (DXWXH) 4 x 6.25 x 65



 100W per Channel RMS


Do you find yourself struggling to hear dialogue only to turn up the volume and still have trouble?....Not with this. Though it may look to be in a similar class; this is not to be confused with "soundbars" made by other companies. 

LCR stands for "Left Center Right". This unit is our standard offering to solve an increasingly common issue with theater systems - "Where do I put the front channel speakers?". Typically, mounting ON the wall (up near the bottom of your TV) is going to give you a relatively seamless finish, while also offering lower coloration and increased clarity over any in-wall offering.

This design utilizes an extremely close offset MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) design to give the widest possible vertical and horizontal dispersion in room, in conjunction with  carefully crafted 4'th order Linkwitz-Riley crossovers (x3) that ensures your entire seating area can clearly hear what's happening, at any volume level. 

This unit does not have onboard amplification and must be powered separately by the amplifier of your choice. All three channels connection terminals are conveniently  centrally located on the back. This feature in addition to the built in mounting slots in the enclosure, make installation  and setup a breeze. 

This solution has become quite popular with our dealers where sound quality is not to be sacrificed by space requirements. This is now standard equipment in all of their theater Installation bids. 

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